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Plush: free_eevee_icon_by_mistickyumon-d4rie8g


Jakks Pacific Series Plush all but Minus not sure where i got him..
Celebi- $10 plus shipping
Minus- $8 Plus shipping
Torchic- $7 plus shipping
Cherubi- $5 plus shipping
jirachi- $5 plus shipping Missing one of her blue thingys
Pachirisu-$5 plus shipping Its tail isn't attached to it's body

Azurill- $4 plus shipping
Phione- $4 Plus shipping

Little plush whole lot for $7

$2 Each
Sold: Jigglypuff, Pikachu




each are $4

My Wants!

Here are a few eevee items i'm looking for at the moment


electronic motion activated Eevee plush!


Pokemon 2013 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher Prize Premialive Eevee Foongus Figure


Pokemon 2013 Takara Tomy Eevee Ippai Collection Eevee Figure, I might want all of these


Pokemon Center 2013 Pokemon Petit Campaign Eevee Mascot Plush Keychain


Pokemon Center 2013 Wii Pokemon Rumble Scramble U Series #2 Eevee Plastic Figure


Pokemon Plush I love Pikachu Eevee Curtain Tassel room Stuffed doll figure Toy


Eevee Mascot Pokemon Center Plush Charm Keychain MWT


Hi Guys,

excuse the bad gammer it's very late in the night or should i say morning since it's about 5 AM now O.O

But Hello there!! I am Ashley! or just call me eevee freak Ashley! (I will explain that whole story for another time)

But a quick intro of who i am and whatnot before i hit the hay and sleep in most of my day off due to staying up late watching Fairy tail.

But I'm Ashley I turned 22 in April of this year, currently engaged to my wonderful fiance I been with for over two years now and we met on a dating website <3 He asked me to be his girlfriend with his pokemon game on july 6, 2012 Then asked me to marry him at a convention on november 22, 2013.

Anyways I am a huge cosplayer I been doing that for over 4 years now! wow! I also like to make youtube videos on my channel and currently going to be setting up a gaming channel with my fiance as soon as we decided on a name for our channel.

I have two cats and a dog they are super loveable! but my biggest love is my Eevee Collection <3

I been into pokemon since 1997 and grew up on it with my brother but i still contuine to love it still today! the big story of why I am a collection will be at a better time when im not sleepy

That's all I have for now!

Ta ta for now

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